In a study of 865 patients with genotype 1 Hep C and no prior Hep C treatment, with or without cirrhosis (compensated), 99% (210 out of 213) of those who received HARVONI once daily for 12 weeks were cured. In a separate study of 647 patients with GT1 Hep C, with no prior Hep C treatment and without cirrhosis, 96% (208 out of 216) of those who received HARVONI once daily for 12 weeks were cured.

These studies did not include patients with advanced cirrhosis (decompensated) or those who have had a liver transplant. Advanced cirrhosis (decompensated) is when the liver is extensively scarred and can no longer do its job effectively.

Price: $1000.00


This hepatitis C drug has actually seen its price increase substantially in recent months. It was ranked the second most expensive drug of 2016 At press time. The price jump could be due to its extremely high effectiveness rate (since patients no longer need treatment after finishing the 12- to 24-week supply. It also often doesn't need to be taken in combination with other drugs, and users require just a single pill per day, which has made it a popular choice among doctors.

Before starting HARVONI treatment, your healthcare provider will do blood tests to check for hepatitis B infection. If you have ever had hepatitis B, the hepatitis B virus could become active again during and after treatment with HARVONI. T

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